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 But Not Tonight de Depeche Mode

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{title:But not tonight} {subtitle:Depeche Mode} {intro} E-----0---------0|----0----------|----0---------0|--0-0---0-0---0- B---------4-4-2--|--------0-0---2|--------4-4-2--|---------------- G---1---1--------|--1---1-----1--|--1---1--------|------2-----2--- D-2--------------|---------------|---------------|---------------- A----------------|---------------|4--------------|0--------------- E----------------|4--------------|---------------|---------------- {verse} [E]Oh God, it's raining But [G#]I'm not complaining It's [C#m]filling me up With new [A]life The [E]stars in the [G#]sky Bring [E]tears to my [G#]eyes They're [A]lighting my way Tonight And I [H]haven't felt so [A]alive In [E]years [E]Just for a day On a [G#]day like today I'll get [C#m]away from This constant debau[A]chery The [E]wind in my [G#]hair Makes [E]me so a[G#]ware How [A]good it is to live Tonight And I [H]haven't felt so [A]alive In [E]years The [H]mo-oo-oo[G#]-oon Is shining in the [C#m]sky [A] Re[H]minding me [G#] Of so many other [C#m]nights [A] But they're not like tonight [E] {intro} {comment: the following as above} Oh God, it's raining And I'm not containing My pleasure at being G wet Here on my own All on my own How good it feels to be alone Tonight And I haven't felt so alive In years The moon Is shining in the sky Reminding me Of so many other nights When my eyes have been so red I've been mistaken for dead But not tonight --------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------