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 Condemnation de Depeche Mode

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-## Depeche Mode SONG: CONDEMNATION -- Songs of Faith and Devotion INTRO: C // /F C [1] C Condemnation E E7 Tried F Here on the stand With the book in my hand G And truth on my side C Accusations E E7 Lies F Hand me my sentence I'll show no repentance G I'll suffer with pride [2] F If for honesty Am E You want apologies C I don't sympathize F If for kindness Am E You substitute blindness C F C // F C Please open your eyes [1] Condemnation Why Because my duty Was always to beauty And that was my crime [1] Feel elation High To know I can trust this Fix of injustice Time after time [2] If you see purity As immaturity Well it's no surprise If for kindness You substitute blindness Please open your eyes ********************************************* please send comments or any DM.crd stuff to: *********************************************