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 Get Right With Me de Depeche Mode

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-## Depeche Mode SONG: GET RIGHT WITH ME -- Songs of Faith and Devotion C E I will have faith in man F C That is hard to understand Show some humility D7 You have the ability C F C Get right with me E Friends, if you've lost your way F C You will find it again some day Come down from your pedestals D7 And open your mouths that's all C F C Get right with me Am Life is such a short thing F C That I cannot comprehend Am D(7) But if this life were a bought thing F G There are ways I know we'd mend C E People, take my advice F C Already told you once, once or twice Don't waste your energy D7 Making apologies C F C Get right with me ********************************************* please, send comments or any DM.crd stuff to: *********************************************