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 In Your Room de Depeche Mode

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-## DEPECHE MODE SONG: IN YOUR ROOM (From Songs of Faith and devotion) A C#m A In your room C#m A Where time stands still C#m A Or moves at your will C#m A Will you let the morning come soon F#m A Or will you leave me lying here C#m In your favourite darkness Fm Your favourite half-light A Your favourite consciousness F#m Your favourite slave In your room Where souls disappear Only you exist here Will you lead me to your armchair Or leave me lying here Your favourite innocence Your favourite prize Your favourite smile Your favourite slave C#m I'm hanging on your words C#m (without E - 446644) living on your breath F#m feeling with your skin Will I always be here In your room Your burning eyes Cause flames to arise Will you let the fire die down soon Or will I always be here Your favourite passion Your favourite game Your favourite mirror Your favourite slave I'm hanging on your words living on your breath feeling with your skin ********************************************** chords from please send any comments or DM stuff by e-mail **********************************************