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 The Sweetest Perfection de Depeche Mode

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The Sweetest Perfection - Depeche Mode sur
{title: The Sweetest Perfection} {subtitle: Depeche Mode - 'Violator'} [Em]The sweetest perfection [C]To call my own [Am]The slightest correction [H]Couldn't finaly hone [Em]The sweetest infection [C]Of body and mind [Am]The sweetest injection [H]Of any kind (*) [G]I stop and I stare too much [C]Affraid that I care too much [Am]And I hardly dare to touch [H]For fear that the spell may be broken [G]When I need a drug in me [C]And it brings out the thug in me [Am]Feel something's tugging me [H]Than I want the real things not tokens The sweetest perfection ... {comment: the following as above (*)} Things you'd expect to be Having effect on me Pass undetectedly But everyone knows what has got me Takes me completely Touches so sweetly Reaches so deeply I know that nothing can stop me [B] [Am] [F] [D] [B]The sweetest perfection [Am]An offer was made [F]An assorted collection [D]But I wouldn't trade The sweetest perfection ... {comment: change H -> C7 to the end} --------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------