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 I Looked Away de Derek And The Dominos

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I Looked Away - Derek And The Dominos sur
-## I LOOKED AWAY- Derek and the Dominos C G F C G C G F C Dm G7 E E7 Am G F She took my hand and tried to make me understand D7/F# G D7 G7 That she would always be there C Dm G7 E E7 Am G F But I looked away then she ran away from me today D/F# G I'm such a lonely man CHORUS #1: E Am Bb Fm9 It came as no surprise to me Am Bb Fm9 That she'd leave me here in misery Am Bb Fm9 It seemed like only yesterday Bb Fm9 Bb Fm9 Bb Fm9 C She made a vow she'd never run away REPEAT FIRST VERSE CHORUS #2: And if it seemed a sin To love another man's woman, babe I guess I'll keep on sinning Loving her ohh till my very last day (FIRST PART OF VERSE WITHOUT WORDS) But I looked away and she ran away from me today I'm such a lonely man C G F C G C G F C