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 Instant Street Solo de Deus

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Instant Street Solo - Deus sur
Band: dEUS Album: The Ideal Crash Song: Instant Street Tabbed By: Siti Hajar> Alright. Here is my tabbing for the part of the song where there is the long solo that is accompanied with the lines, "this time I'll go.. this time I'll go.." and goes on towards the end. This is my first dEUS tab and it's quite accurate. e------------8---9----- B------9--9--------9-9- G-----9--9--9--9--9-9-- (x2) "all the same.. all the same.." e------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B-----------7-7-6----------7-7-6----------7-7-6-5-------7-7-6-5---------------- G-----6-8-6-------6--6-8-6-------6--6-8-6---------6-8-6------------------------ e--------------------------------------9------------9-9--------- B-----------7-7-6----------7-7-6----7-8---8--7-8-7-8---7-8------ G-----6-7-6-------9--6-8-6------6------------------------------- e-----------9-------9------------9-------9---------------- B-----7-8-----8-7-8---8-7-8--7-8---8-7-8---8-7-8---------- G--------------------------------------------------------- e---------9--------------------9-------9-11-13-------- B-----7-8---8-7-8-8-7-8-6-5-7-8---8-7-8--------------- G----------------------------------------------------- e---------9------------ B-----7-8---8-7-8-7-8-- G---------------------- Repeat. Yeah, it goes something like that. Accurate enough I guess. Just play together with the song and you'll be able to figure it out yourself. Siti Hajar>