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 Hunter de Dido

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dido - Hunter --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modification of TAB by "Cem Gurbuz" Cgurbuz@anadolu.edu.tr Capo on 3rd fret. VERSE: Am D With one light on in one room Am D I know you're up when I get home Am D With one small step upon the stair Am D I know your look when I get there PRECHORUS: Am C Em If you were a king out there on your throne Am C Em would u be wise enough to let me go? Am C Em G For this queen you think you own. CHORUS: Am C Dm Em wants to be a hunter again Am C Dm Em wants to see the world alone again Am C Dm Em to take a chance on life again, so let me Am - C - Dm go Repeat VERSE PRECHORUS, and CHORUS: BRIDGE: Am C For the crown you've placed upon my Dm Em head feels too heavy now, Am C and I don't know what to say to you but I'll Dm Em smile anyhow Am C Dm Em and all this time I'm thinking, Dm thinking....Back to CHORUS ------- end of tab ------- modified by: "Cem Gurbuz" Cgurbuz@anadolu.edu.tr> any questions, comments, suggestions, please use the above email address.