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 Keeblin de Dinosaur Jr

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-## keeblin' (J. Mascis) from the Japan Import "Quest" *---->CAPO ON SECOND FRET -----* Come on over........ E---------------------3---------------3----------------3--5---3-- B-----------3-slide-5---5----3-slide-5---5----3-slide-5------5---- G-----------0----------------2---------------0------------------- D-----------0----------------0---------------0------------------- A---2-------2----------------0---------------2------------------- E-----3-----3-------------2--2---------------0------------------- E------------------------- B------1------0------1--- G--------0-----0-----0--- D----------2----2----2--- A---3----------------3--- E------------------------ Wonderin' why you need these things to show.... E--0----------------------------------------------------3--3-------------- --- B--1------------------------1--------------3------------3--2-------------- --- G--2------------------------0--------------0------------0--3-------------- ---D--2------------------------2--------------0---------------------------- -----A--0------------------------3--------------2-------------------------- -------E------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Lyrics: *Come on over I just wanna be the same friend Need it slower I just wanna get it smooth then Wonderin' why you need these things to show C you have to be it Grabbin' at you from those years ago Well I dont like to see it (*repeat) I dont wanna turn it out like that I dont like to see it All right, justr tell me Thats where your at *I screwed the timing up a little on this one. Dont forget about the capo. If you dont use it it will be the same song but it loses the J effect. If you are interested in joining the AOL Dinosaur Jr. Fan Club Email me.