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-## thumb (J. Mascis) from "Green Mind", the Japan Import "Quest" and Whatevers Cool with me Chorus: There never really is a good time........| E-------------X--X----------------------| B------1--1--X--X--2--------2-----3----| Strum last chord for a few beats G------0--0--X--X--3-----3----3---0----| Then at the end of every verse end it D------2--0--X--X--0----0---------0----| on a C instead. A------3--2--X--X--0--0-----------2----| E-------------X--X----------------------| Steppin' out I tried to fix it....... E----------------------------| B---2---2---2-----1--1------| G---3---3---3-----0--0------| D---0---0---0-----2--2------| A---0---0---0-----3--3------| E----------------------------| Lyrics: Steppin' out I tried to fix it Pulled a thumb out of that hole Give me the ingredients I'll mix it How can you move with out a goal *There never really is a good time There's always nothing much to say Pretty good not doin' that fine Gettin' up most every day An excuse is all you live for The abuse is all you crave Sure you know just what is in store Wait and see if I'll behave (*Repeat) There's a time just let me know now When it's with you I'll be glad That I was right there just to show you At least it's more that what you had There never really is a good time Pretty simple song once you get it down. The order in which you play this song varies with each album but you should be about to pick it out and go with it. If you need any more infomation E-mail me. And if you are interested in The Dinosaur Jr. Online fan Club on AOL please email me for infomation. Thanks T.