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 Mission de Dispatch

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Mission - Dispatch sur Guitariff.net
Main Riff (following some feedback): (00:15) C# Maj (muted) D# Maj C# maj e|---4-4--4-4--x-x-\6-6-6---4-4--4-4--x-x b|---6-6--6-6--x-x-\8-8-8---6-6--6-6--x-x g|---6-6--6-6--x-x-\8-8-8---6-6--6-6--x-x d|---6-6--6-6--x-x-\8-8-8---6-6--6-6--x-x a|---4-4--4-4--x-x-\6-6-6---4-4--4-4--x-x e|---x-x--x-x--x-x-\x-x-x---x-x--x-x--x-x Then: (00:21) G#maj (muted) A#maj A#maj e|---4-4--4-4--x-x-\6-6-6---4-4--4-4--x-x b|---4-4--4-4--x-x-\6-6-6---4-4--4-4--x-x g|---5-5--5-5--x-x-\7-7-7---5-5--5-5--x-x d|---6-6--6-6--x-x-\8-8-8---6-6--6-6--x-x a|---6-6--6-6--x-x-\8-8-8---6-6--6-6--x-x e|---4-4--4-4--x-x-\6-6-6---4-4--4-4--x-x Okay perhaps i have over complicated things by trying to write out the strum patterns, its not hard at all but difficult to recreate in Tab. Basically its just the simple progression of the root 5 C#maj barre then up to D# briefly and then just drop that done onto the 6th string (G#maj/A#maj) heres the timing to help you, just add in your muted strums as you wish: (00:15) (00:17) (00:20) (00:21) C# D# G# A#