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 Long Train Running de Doobie Bros

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-## LONG TRAIN RUNNINGm The Doobie Brothers G11 Gm7 | -10-------10-10--|--10--10---10---- | | -10-h-11--11-11--|--11--11---10---- | |:-10-------10-10--|--10--10---10----:| | -10-h-12--12-12--|--12--12---10---- | | -10-------10-10--|--10--10---10---- | | -x--------x--x---|--x---x----x----- | Cm7 Cm7 Cm6/7 (or Cm7 add 13) |-8----------------|-8-------8--------| |-8----------------|-11------10-------| |-8----------------|-8-------8--------| then repeat start 2x |-8----------------|-8-------8--------| |-10---------------|-10------10-------| |-8----------------|-8-------8--------| D#7 Gm7 D7 |--11--------------|--10------10------| |--11--------------|--11------10------| |--12--------------|--10------11------| then back to start |--11--------------|--12------10------| |--13--------------|--10------12------| |--11--------------|--10------10------| Gather round a corner, half a mile from here See those long trains runnin and watch them disappear CHORUS: Without love, where would you be (right) now Without love Know I saw Mrs. Lucy down along the tracks She lost her home and her family and she won't be comin' back CHORUS Got the Illinois Central and the Southern Central Freight Got to keep on pushin' mama, you know they're runnin' late CHORUS REPEAT THIRD VERSE CHORUS Well pistons keep on turnin and wheels go round and round And steel rail black cold and hard and the miles as they go down CHORUS Oh, where would you be now? NOTE: I thought someone should add the lyrics.