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 People Are Strange2 de Doors

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People Are Strange ------------------ The Doors tabbed by Mr. Shaun Timothy Krisher Okay, not only am I dyslexic, but I am tabbing from memory, and this is my first time tabbing a song. The chord names at the top are where your fingers ought to be. I just pull off my ring finger for the A minor bit. Now, I hate it when people tab a song and then don't put the chord fingerings, and assume you know what Fm#7sus4add7 is, so I am going to tab out these chords as a statement to all you boneheads out there. G there. Em - 022000 Putting this bit in takes around 10-20 seconds and Am - x02210 saves the reader about three hours of hunting for G - 320003 Am6#add7. My only hope is that you will tab out B - x24442 chords yourself when you make a tablature. Pretty please! Verse INTRO Em -> Am -> Am -> B Em E|-----|------------------------------------------| Repeat the stuff B|-----|o-------------1---------1----------------o| between the little G|-----|-------0----2---2-0---2---2-0-------------| repeat bar things D|-----|----2----2----------2---------2---4-------| and that's the A|2-0--|o-----2-------------------------2---2----o| verse thing. I put E|----3|--0-----------------------------------0---| the lyrics and chords below, so just time it with those, and change finger positions Note: after Am, in the lyrics, it goes to with the ones in Em, that's the pulloff on your ring finger. the lyrics (Use So, keep yer hand in the Am position. the lyircs below). I put the finger positions in my tab. Okay, when you go into the chorus, just strum, it gives it a nice effect. Maybe go distorted and do G5 (355xxx), B5 ((x244xx)or(755xxx)), and E5 (022xxx). Then, keep it distorted, and do that verse riff above, as like a little mini solo. Bear in mind, I'm still new to this. Well, that's all for now. You can find the real solo to "People are Strange" on the , which is God's gift to guitarists. I put this in because Glen Word (the guy who put the other version of this on)asked for it. G here it is. Here are the lyrics which I got from a previous posting oof this song on the that Glen Word posted. Thanks, Glen. Match the riff above with the chords on the lyrics. Em Am Em People are strange When you're a stranger Am Em B Em Faces look ugly When you're alone (End riff, then start it over on "Women") Em Am Em Women seem wicked when you're unwanted Am Em B Em Streets are uneven when you're down Chorus------------------------ Em G B When you're strange faces come out in the rain G B When you're strange no one remembers your name B B when you're strange when you're strange B (Start intro and riff here) when you're strange All right yeah Lastly, I want to give credit to Glen Word for putting the chords and the lyrics on the . Thanks, Glen.