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 Diseppear de Dream Theater

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auteur: alice AVELLAN script: jean-baptiste TIEN Dream Theater SDOIT Disappear I ask my girl friend to find me that tab (because this song is quit beautiful!!) and she finds something quiet like Dario Di Martino (but a bit differente). I don't think this is all corect but if it can help you so ... If you want another song ask me and i will ask her, this won't be a long time to wait lol ... custom chords of the song: (the names of specials chords are surely wrong but i haven't the time nor the patience to search for it) G7 C6 --0--0 --3--1 --0--0 --0--2 --2--0 --3--3 Normal tuning (EBGDAE) -0-1/12--\-9-0-1-3-|-0-1/12-15-13-5-6-3-1-| -------------------|----------------------| -------------------|----------------------| -------------------|----------------------| -------------------|----------------------| -------------------|----------------------| couplet : Dm G7 Am C6 Dm G7 Am C6 Why, tell me the reasons why Dm G7 Am C Try, still I don't understand Dm G7 Am C6 Will I ever feel this again Dm G7 Am C Blue sky, I'll meet you in the end Dm G7 Am C6 Free them, free the memories of you Dm G7 Am C Free me, and rest 'til I'm with you refrain : F E A day like today Am C6 My whole world has been changed F Bb Nothing you say E F Will help ease my pain transition : B F couplet: Dm G7 Am C6 Turn, I'll turn this slowly round Dm G7 Am C Burn, burn to feel alive again Dm G7 Am C6 She, she'd want me to move on Dm G7 Am C See me, this place I still belong Dm G7 Am C6 Give chase, to find more than I have found Dm G7 Am C And face, this time now on my own F E Days disappear Am C6 And my world keeps changing F Bb I feel you here E F B F And it keeps me sane Bbm F# G I'm moving on C# I'll never forget Fm Ab As you lay there and watched me Bbm F# Accepting the end C# I knew you were scared Fm Ab You were strong I was trying Bbm F# I gave you my hand C# Fm Ab I said it's okay letting go time to leave here Bbm F# And I'll carry on C# A The best that I can without you here beside me Ab G F# F Let him come take you home pour nous contacter :