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 Seven Bridges Road de Eagles

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Seven Bridges Road - Eagles sur Guitariff.net
Seven Bridges Road - Eagles =========================== (By Eric Hanson...of Barrie, Ontario, Canada...On his ukelele) First/Last verses are a capella...starting on a D (But I put the chords in anyway) (D)There are (C)stars in the (G)southern (D)sky (D)Southward (C)as you (G)go...(D)o (D)There is (C)moonlight and (G)moss in the (D)trees Down the (D)seven (C)bridges (G)ro...(D)oad (lead in - one bar each: D D C G D D) Now (D)I have (C)loved (G)you like a (D)baby Like some (C)lonesome (G)chi... (D)ild And (D)I haved (C)loved (G)you in a (D)tame way And (D)I have (C)loved you (G)wi...(D)ild Some(C)times there's a (D)part of me has to (C)turn from here and (D)go (C)Running like a child from (D)these warm stars Down the (D)seven (C)bridges (G)ro...(D)oad (D)There are (C)stars in the (G)southern (D)sky And if (D)ever you decide you should go...(D)o (D)There is a (C)taste of (G)time sweetened (D)honey Down the (D)seven (C)bridges (G)ro...(D)oad