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 Peaceful Easy Feeling de Eagles

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Peaceful Easy Feeling - Eagles sur Guitariff.net
# Chordpro interpretation by Fred Huettig, # comments welcome. - fred@aoainc.com {t:Peaceful Easy Feeling} {st:by Jack Tempchin (Eagles)} {define: Bm7sus4 2 0 3 0 2 0 X} {c:Intro: |: E - Esus4 - :|} [E]I like the wa[A]y sparklin' [E]earrings [A]lay [E] against your [A]skin so br[B]own. [E] And I want to [A]sleep with you in the [E]desert tonig[A]ht [E] with a billion [A]stars all arou[B]nd. {c:Chorus} {soc} 'Cause I got a [A]peaceful, easy [E]feeling [A]and I know you won't let me d[F#m7]own [B] 'cause I'm [E]al - [F#m7]ready [A]standing [Bm7sus4]on the [E]ground. {c:Esus4 E Esus4 E} {eoc} I found out a long time ago what a woman can do to your soul. Ah, but she can't take you any way you don't already know how to go. {c:Chorus, instrumental verse.} I got this feeling I may know you As a lover and a friend. But this voice keeps whispering in my other ear tells me I may never see you again. {c:Chorus}