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 Take Me de Edwin Mccain

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Take Me - Edwin Mccain sur Guitariff.net
e: Sat, 23 May 1998 00:13:08 -0400 (EDT) This is from "Misguided Roses" track no. 9. It's sort of a bluesy twist on "3 AM." E (464444) I pull my boots off, Asus2 (242222) Throw my weapon on the floor E (464444) I cry my eyes out Asus2 (242222) In my private little war E Well it seems I've been a soldier (464444) Heaven knows I've been no saint Asus2 With my camouflage and armor (242222) Cold heart and grease paint E To you this has no meaning (464444) The armistice laid down Asus2 The armies all are quiet (242222) And the guns don't make a sound, 'cause you.. CHORUS E C#m7 You melted the steel walls, tore down the bobwire Bm7 Asus2 (002100) filled in the trenches, demanded a ceasefire E C#m7 And now you're leavin', there's nothin' I can do Bm7 Asus2 (002100) I want you to know, you're gonna take me with you 2nd Verse Well now feel the match on suicide in the foxhole of my mind and way off in the distance, the air raid sirens whine and they sing your song of rescue, to my tattered worn out shell you drag me to your safety, from this my front line hill CHORUS (bridge) C#m D E The blood that was spilled in the heartache before C#m Asus2 B E Left on massive scars, that I never, never could ignore to you CHORUS(acoustic only) Fade off playing chorus part--sing "Doot dooo doot dooo doot"