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 In Your Eyes de Edwin Mccain

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In Your Eyes - Edwin Mccain sur Guitariff.net
artist:edwin mccain song:in your eyes-acoustic tabbed by: Paul Morea Notes: this is a Peter Gabriel cover he did at a live concert. i don't believe it is on a cd but there is a great version on napster. the chords he plays seem to be different than the ones peter gariel plays also. once in standard tuning, these chords match perfectly with the recording...enjoy! ###Verse: during this and all verse, the chord progression goes Bm,A,D, Bm, A, G Bm A D Bm A G Love, I get so lost some-times... ###Bridge: the chord progression is A, G A G All my instincts, They Return... ###Chorus:the chord progression is E, D E In your eyes ... D in your eyes i ... E in your eyes i ... D to thousand churches... thats it!