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 North Of Heaven de Edwyn Collins

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North Of Heaven - Edwyn Collins sur Guitariff.net
Artist: Edwyn Collins Song: North of Heaven Album: Gorgeous George Verse 1: C Em Don't pretend that you don't know me F C If you mean to offend me G Then you're doing pretty well C Em And how convincingly you've shown me F C That the love I thought was built to last G C Is now an empty shell Refrain: F C Things can only get better G What's around the corner C Who can tell? F C Am I'll build a little place just north of heaven Dm G C I'm kinda tired of living south of hell Verse 2: C Em Don't assume you can ignore me F C You'd best bite your lip in case I G Make it after all C Em And how contemptuously you've shown me F C That all my aspirations G C Were so paltry and so small Refrain Bridge: F Some mother's talking 'bout Guns'n'Roses C As if I give a fuck At best I think they suck F C I'm too preoccupied with my memories G Not nonentities Refrain Dm G C Em Am I'm kinda tired of living south of hell Dm G I'm kinda tired of living... C Em Am G F Transcribed by Samo Granda samo.granda@kiss.uni-lj.si