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 O Toi de Eiffel

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O TOI BY EIFFEL FROM THE ALBUM ABRICOTINE 2001 ------------------------- Tabbed by AAuuddee@aol.com NOTE:I've divided the song into parts because there's=20 no real verses or chorus INTRO: strange noises made with effects PART1: just bass is played on this chord structure: E C#m5 D --0-------2-- --0-------3-- --1---6---2-- --2---6---0--repeat --2---4------ --0---------- only the D is played by the guitar with disto bass plays the part3 fill PART2: E C#m5 -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------6-----6-----4---------- -----------------------------------4h6------------ --7---7---------5-------------4------------------- ----0---0--5h7-----repeat-----------------repeat-- D A* C5*(x355xx) D* --0----------------------------------------- --2----------------------------------------- --2---5---3------3--repeat---7-----7-----5--repeat --2----------3h5---------------------5h7---- --0-----3-----------------------5----------- -------------------------------------------- *these chords are played by another guitar in the same time PART3: repeat the fill E C#m5 -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------6-----6-----4---------- -----------------------------------4h6------------ --7---7---------5-------------4------------------- ----0---0--5h7-----repeat-----------------repeat-- D --------------- --------------- --7---7-----5-- --------5h7---- ----5---------- ---------------repeat there's many noises in the background that are made by another guitar that plays the chords in the same time END To see a list of all my tabs,go to my website: www.multimania.com/aauuddee