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 Burning Love de Elvis Presley

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Burning Love - Elvis Presley sur Guitariff.net
From uunet!cis.ohio-state.edu!magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu!csn!yuma!news Thu Sep 17 22:27:47 PDT 1992 Article: 2346 of alt.guitar.tab Newsgroups: alt.guitar.tab Path: nevada.edu!uunet!cis.ohio-state.edu!magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu!csn!yuma!news Sender: news@yuma.ACNS.ColoState.EDU (News Account) Message-ID: Sep17.032742.41207@yuma.ACNS.ColoState.EDU> Nntp-Posting-Host: fjord.atmos.colostate.edu Organization: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523 Lines: 45 here's an elvis tune i figured out the other night. the song i'd really like to figure out though is "love me". anybody know it??? our band wants to do a thrash version of it but i haven't been able to figure out anything that sounds good yet. steam Burning Love - Dennis Linde ------------ D G A D lord almighty i feel my temperature rising D G A D higher and higher it's burning through to my soul D G A D girl girl girl you're gonna set me on fire D G A D my brain is flaming i don't know which way to go (chorus) Bm A G your kisses lift me higher Bm A G like the sweet song of the choir Bm A G you blind my morning sky A D with burning love ooh ooh ooh i feel my temperature rising help me baby my fever's a 109 burnin burnin burnin and nothing can cool me down i might turn to smoke but baby i feel fine (chorus) it's coming closer the flames are licking my body won't you help me i feel i'm slipping away it's hard to breath my chest is a heaving lord have mercy i'm burning the whole day (chorus) i'm a hunka hunka burning love (repeat and fade)