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 Maries The Name de Elvis Presley

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(MARIE'S THE NAME OF) HIS LATEST FLAME Intro: G Em G Em G Em G A A very old friend came by today Em G Em Cos' he was telling everyone in town G Em Of the love that he'd just found C D And Marie's the name of his latest flame. A He talked and talked and I heard him say That she had the longest blackest hair The prettiest green eyes anywhere And Marie's the name of his latest flame. D C D C B Though I smiled the tears inside were a burnin' D C D C I wished him luck and then he said goodbye D C D C And he was gone but still his words kept returning D C G Em G Em What else was left for me to do but cry. A Would you believe that yesterday This girl was in my arms and sworing me She'd be mine eternally And Marie's the name of his latest flame. B Though I smiled . . . A Would you belive . . . ___________________________________________________________________