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 Cest La Vie de Emerson Lake And Palmer

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C'est A Vie (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) C'est la (Am)vie, have your (G)leaves all turned to brown Will you (Am)scatter them (G)around you, (Am)C'est la vie C you (Am)love, and then (G)how am I to know If you (Am)don't let your love (G)show for me, (Am)C'est la vie Chorus> (D)O-oh, c'est la (Am)vie, (D)O-oh, c'est la (Am)vie Who (G)knows, who (B)cares for (E)me, C'est la (Am)vie In the night, do you light a lover's fire C the ashes of desire for you remain Like the sea there's a love to deep to show Took a storm before my love flowed for you, C'est la vie repeat chorus> Like a song, out of tune and out of time All I needed was a ryhme for you, C'est la vie C you give, do you live from day to day Is there no song I can play for you, C'est la vie repeat chorus> ________________________ NOTES This is how I play C'est A Vie, by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The French titel (pronounced: sailavee) literally means: it's (c'est) the (la) life (vie). The song is on the Works Live album, and was written by Lake and Sinfield. Enjoy! This version: nov'97.