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 Return To Innocence de Enigma

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Return To Innocence - Enigma sur Guitariff.net
Title : Return To Innocence Artist : Enigma Album : The Cross of changes Tabbed By: Rav aka AikHow Email : redalert159@hotmail.com This is my fourth tab to , previous work were * Oasis - Half the world away (tab) * Cranberries - Joe (tab) * They Might be Giants - Boss of me (crd) Anyway my girl is out on a holiday and as a faithful boyfriend I was thinking of her while I am taking my shower. Then this song came ringing into my ears. When I came out of the bathroom, I searched for the chord progression here but found none. And its amazing, this song has been around since 1993 and till now (2001) nobody has tabbed it. G I decided to tab it out myself. Playing around I got the progression out in 10 mins. G I won't say it sounds PREFECT, but its pretty ok when I played it with the song, so enjoy! I would dedicate this tab to the girl whom I miss so much - ss. - Tune half-step down - *Vocal Intro* O yai yai o ai yai yai X2 *Strum B when drum beat kicks in* (Then I play it like this B, F#, Gm#7, F#) (Don't sound very correct, but you can pass it off with those chords) B L... F# D Gm#7 F F# E *Verse* B F# Don't be .......... be weak E F# Don't be ............... strong B F# Just .............. h.... E F# That would be the ........... you.... (And you contiune with this chord progression from here on) (Yes solo and everything!) End with B chord. PS: I play a lot without the accompany of the actual song, so I feel that this chord progression is pretty ok. But if anyone could correct it and play it according to the song, do tell me the progression. Thanks! Rav ================ Those who can't do, teach. ================