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 Hero de Enrique Iglesias

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Hero - Enrique Iglesias sur
Tired of playing the wrong tunes for Hero. Try play this tune bet your girl will go crazy over you!!! Standard Tuning EADGBE Listen to the Tempo of the Music Note: Strum on verse II Intro: G Em C D E-------3-----3----------3------3----------3-----3------------3-----3~(ring) B---------3-----3----------3------3----------3-----3------------3----- G-----0-----0-----0----0-----0------0----0-----0-----0------0-----0--- D--------------------------------------------------------0------------ A--------------------------------------3------------------------------ E--3-----------------0------------------------------------------------ Verses G Em C D E-------3-----3----------3------3--------------3-----3-------------3-------------3~(ring) B---------3-----3----------3------3--------------3------3-------------3------------- G-----0-----0-----0----0-----0------0--------0------0-----0------0-------0---------- D-------------------------------------------------------------0--------------------- A-------------------------------------------3--------------------------------------- E--3-----------------0-------------------------------------------------------------- I.Would you dance.....if I asked you to dance..Would you run......and never look back II.Would you tremble..if I touched your lips...Would you laugh..oh please tell me this G Em C G (strum) E-------3-----3----------3------3-------------------3-------------3---3-~~~~~~~~~~ B---------3-----3----------3------3--------------------3--------------3-~~~~~~~~~~ G-----0-----0-----0----0-----0------0-------------0-------------0-----0-~~~~~~~~~~ D------------------------------------------------------------0--------0-~~~~~~~~~~ A-----------------------------------------------3---------------------2-~~~~~~~~~~ E--3-----------------0------------------------------------------------3-~~~~~~~~~~ I.Would you cry.......if you saw me crying..Would you save my soul....... tonight II.Now would you die...for the one you love..Hold me in your....arms tonight Chorus I : (Just strum and figure it out) G D C I can be your hero baby G D C I can kiss away the pain G D C I will stand by you forever G D C You can take my breath away Would you swear that you'll always be mine Would you lie would you run and hide Am I in too deep have I lost my mind Well I don't care you're here tonight Repeat Chorus I Chorus II I can be your hero I can kiss away the pain And I will stand by you forever You can take my breath away You can take my breath away I can be your hero If you have questions please email me at Enjoy :)