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 Thirsty Boots de Eric Andersen

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From Fri Jul 29 11:35:04 1994 Newsgroups: Here's an old classic by Eric Andersen. Better listen to the recording to get a feel for it first. A harmonica would also help. THIRSTY BOOTS (Eric Andersen) Guitar: standard tuning, capo IV Intro: G G(F#) C G C G D D(G) D D(E) Notes: use Travis picking style, playing individual notes in parentheses along with chords on either first or sixth string. The D(F#) chord is the usual D major chord with an F# added on the sixth string; likewise for G(F#). G G(F#) C G You've long been on the open road, C G D(F#) You've been sleeping in the rain, G G(F#) C G From dirty words and muddy cells C G D(F#) Your clothes are smeared and stained, G G(F#) C G But the dirty words and muddy cells C G D(F#) Will soon be hid in shame G C G G only stop to rest yourself Am Am(G) D(F#) D(G) D(E) Till you are off again Chorus: G C G take off your thirsty boots G C and stay for a while, G G(F#) Em Your feet are hot and weary, Am Am(G) D(F#) from a dusty mile, G C And maybe I can make you laugh, G C maybe I can try, G G(F#) I'm just looking for the evening, Am Am(G) D(F#) G C D7 G C D7 the morning in your eye. G tell me of the ones you saw As far as you could see Across the plain from field to town A-marching to be free And of the rusted prison gates That tumbled by degree Like laughing children, one by one, They look like you and me Chorus. (Harmonica interlude). I know you are no stranger down The crooked rainbow trails From dancing cliff-edged shattered sills Of slandered, shackled jails For the voices drift up from below As the walls they're being scaled Yes, all of this, and more, my friend, Your song shall not be failed. Chorus. Yes, you've long been on the open road You've been sleeping in the rain From dirty words and muddy cells Your clothes are smeared and stained But the dirty words, the muddy cells, They'll soon be judged insane G only stop to rest yourself 'til you are off again. Chorus.