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 Black Rose de Eric Clapton

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Black Rose - Eric Clapton sur
Here's a highly underappreciated gem off of EC's "Another Ticket" album that I picked off over the weekend. Thanks go to Niels ( for sparing me the task of typing in the lyrics. Share and enjoy! - Brian BLACK ROSE by Troy Seals and Eddie Setser Transcribed by Brian Davies ( [G] [C] [G] [C] [G] [C] [G] [C] [G] The dogs are [C] howling at the [G] midnight [C] moon. [G] [C] [G] [C] [G] I'm on my [C] way to where the [G] black rose [C] blooms. [G] [C] [G] [C] [C] The mountain's [Em/B] high, the [Am] night is [G/B] cold. [C] I feel the [G/B] sunshine; a [D/A] black rose [G] grows. To[G]gether again, we're as [C] common as sin, they say, [D] We just walk around the stones they [G] throw. [G] Night after night, [C] we steal away to where [F] Love don't see no [C] colors in the [G] shadows, [F] Love don't see no [C] colors in the [G] shadows. [G] Wind in the [C] willows, [G] wild and [C] warm, [G] [C] [G] [C] [G] Just like the [C] woman lying [G] here in my [C] arms. [G] [C] [G] [C] [C] The water's [Em/B] deep, [Am] cold and [G/B] still. [C] I love the [G/B] feeling that [D/A] black rose [G] gives. Chorus Chorus [F] Love don't see no [C] colors in the [G] shadows. *************************************************************************** * Brian Davies ( * There are three kinds of lies: * * Ph: (708)-467-1969 / (708)-733-9544 * Lies, damned lies, and release * * Institute For The Learning Sciences * dates. * * 1890 Maple Ave, Evanston, IL, 60201 * - guess who * ***************************************************************************