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 Blue Eyes Blue de Eric Clapton

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Blue Eyes Blue - Eric Clapton sur
t. See for more information. # #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# This song was written by Diane warren I think and possible originally sang by her but IM not sure. Eric clapton "Blue eyes blue" From the album "clapton chronicles the best of Eric clapton" From the film "the runaway bride" starring Julia Roberts and Richard gear CHORDS: INTRO A E Fm A E Fm VERSE B F# G#m E B F# G#m E B F# G#m E B F# G#m E AFTER VERSE E F# B E F# E F# CHORUS A E Fm D A E Fm D A* e Fm D Bm D E A E Fm D THEN BACK TO THE BEGGINING NOTICE The chords of this song are very easy, EC plays the E in a D shape on the 4th fret and all the other chords as bar chords so no open strings, he also uses his clasic "thumb over neck" for bass strings on bar chords. He is using a Martin 00028EC guitar EC signiture model which you can buy for around £6,000 but there were only 500 made and only a handful in britain, there is one on sale at kingfisher music in fleet. One chord you will want to know is A* A* E--------5--------------- B--------7--------------- G--------6--------------- D--------7--------------- A------------------------ E------------------------ Last few notes at end 16 = BEND TO NOTE BELOW E---------------------------------------------------------------------------- B---14>16--14>16--14>16--14>16--14>16------12---14-----12-14-12-------12---12-- G-----------------------------------------------------------------13---------- D----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have fun posted by: Transcribed by Ross Gautreau