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 Cant Find My Way Home de Eric Clapton

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Cant Find My Way Home - Eric Clapton sur
Let's see -- I've been playing this for years. Great tune. You need to really keep the bass line going. Play the verse in open position. I go up the neck for the refrain, working my way back down and ending in open position again. There are some nice little runs. If I get a chance, I'll TAB some of them. This should all be in the TAB for the "Crossroads" compilation, but I haven't laid out the bucks for that yet. I use dots to mark beats. Verse: D D/C... D/B D/A... F C...D..C D Refrain: G .... A .... D .... Em .... weary and I just ain't go-t the time G D/F# Em D .... can't find my way home. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Indiana University Bloomington ------------------------------------------------------------------------