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 Going Down Slow de Eric Clapton

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Going Down Slow - Eric Clapton sur
t. See for more information. # #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# I figured out the main part to Clapton's "Going Down Slow" from both the Clapton and Friends Concert (from Madison Square Garden) and the "Pilgrim" album. It goes like this: intro riff ----------------X ----------------X---- ----------------X--------- ------2---4-----X----------- --/4------------X------------ *there's a lot of pick scraping in the song so add it into the riffs to create the best sound main riff --------X----X-------------------------------------- --------X----X--------------------------------------- --------X----X-----5/\/\/\----5/\/\/\----4/\/\/\------ --------X----X-----5/\/\/\----4/\/\/\----3/\/\/\------- --------X----X------------------------------------------ ----5---X----X------------------------------------------- repeat this for the verses until you can hear the change in the music- for that it goes like this: -------------------------------------- ------------------2--------------------- ------5---(4)-----2---------------------- ------5---(4)-----2----------------------- ------------------4------------------------ -------------------------------------------- there it is. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to make corrections. I'll send you the solo for the concert version later. Until then, take care. Sincerely, Mike Kovalsky