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 Key To The Highway de Eric Clapton

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Key To The Highway - Eric Clapton sur
KEY TO THE HIGHWAY by Charles Segar and Willie Broonzy I got the [A] key to the [E] highway, [D] Billed out and bound to go. I'm gonna [A] leave here running; [E] Walking's much too [A] slow. [D] [A] [E] I'm going [A] back to the [E] border [D] Woman, where I'm better known. You know you [A] haven't done nothing, [E] Drove a good man away from [A] home. [D] [A] [E] When the [A] blue peeks over the [E] mountains [D] I'll be on my way. I'm gonna [A] roam this old highway [E] Until the break of [A] day. [D] [A] [E] Oh give me [A] one, one more kiss [E] mama [D] Just before I go, 'Cause when I [A] leave this time you know I, [E] I won't be back no [A] more. [D] [A] [E] ************************************************************************** * Brian Davies Never his mind on where he was. * * Institute For The Learning Sciences Hmph. What he was doing. Hmph! * * 1890 Maple Avenue - Yoda * * Evanston, IL 60201 * **************************************************************************