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 Please Be With Me de Eric Clapton

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Please Be With Me - Eric Clapton sur
PLEASE BE WITH MEm Eric Clapton (written by Tommy Talton) D G D Oh my word what does it mean? D G D Is it love or is it me Em That makes me change so suddenly Bm G D Looking out feeling free Sit here lying in my bed Wondering what is was I'd said Made me think I'd lost my head When I know I'd lost my heart instead CHORUS: C G D Em G won't you please read my signs be a gypsy G D Em Tell me what I hope to find deep within me G D Bm G D Because you can't know my mind please be with me Of all the better things I've heard Loving you has made the words And all the rest seems so absurd But in the end it all comes out I'm sure ...CHORUS NOTE: This was cribbed from the Allman Bros. section. I think it belongs in Clapton as well. (from 461 Ocean Boulevard, 1974) (sent by Harlan Thompson at