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 Tears In Heaven de Eric Clapton

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Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton sur
I fingerpick it [2 beats per pattern]. There are a couple of places where a chord only gets 1 beat - I usually just squeeze the chord [pluck the 4 strings I would've picked simultaneously]. Verse: | A E/G# |F#m A| D A | E | Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven | A E/G# |F#m A| D A | E | Would it be the same if I saw you in Heaven Chorus: | F#m | C#/E# | Em | F# | I must be strong and carry on | Bm |E7sus E7 | A E/G# | Cause I know I don't belong here in heaven | F#m A | D E7sus E7| A | Bridge: | C G/B | Am D | G D | Em D G | Time can bring you down Time can bend your knees | C G/B | Am D | G D | E | Time can break your heart Have you beggin please beggin please There's more lyrics - but this'll give you the basic chord structure. The |'s are my attempt at giving a mild sense of rhythym - there's 4 beats between |'s. G/B means a G chord with a B in the bass. I finger both the E/G# and the C#/E# chords in a open D chord shape with the thumb wrapped around to the 6th string. Like this: C#/E# The E/G# is the same thing played at the --X-X------ 4th fret T | | 1 | 2 ----------- | | | | 3 | Eric's version is of course full of little runs and such! I hope this helps get you started!!!!! Jessie Dotson