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 The Circus Left Town de Eric Clapton

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The Circus Left Town - Eric Clapton sur
I was also interested in Circus Left Town, but it is not available in Slowhand or Nevada. I just checked again Slowhand and still nothing. Has EC even released this song at all on an album? Because of the personal sentiment in this song I get the feeling he wants to keep it to himself. I am digressing here to ask why did he not put this song from the Unplugged video on the album of the same name? No, it hasn't been released on an album; I don't even think that MTV broadcast the whole thing. I know he played it in concert for a good while after the Unplugged session, so it doesn't seem like he is trying to keep it to himself. I'm really not sure why some tracks made it onto Unplugged and others didn't. He also played My Father's Eyes, another beautiful track about his son, and the Maceo Merriweather song, Worried Life Blues. There are a good number of bootlegs of the remaining material, including alternative takes of about half of Unplugged. Based on the feedback from the folks on the Slowhand list and the reports in "Where's Eric", a British fanzine, the best one seems to be An Accoustic Tale. If you have seen it in the net somewhere else, could you post another reply to the group saying where. The Jesse Gress transcription book does not contain it either. Have you seen it in another book? Say hi to Yoda for me. Brett Somebody posted this on one of the guitar newsgroups, I think. I've reformatted it a little bit and deleted the header (so much for giving credit where credit is due :( ), but this is the important stuff. -------------------- THE CIRCUS LEFT TOWN by Eric Clapton (Amaj7 = x06650, Amaj7 [2] = x02120, C#m7 = x46454, Cdim = x3424x has F#7 listed as 464544 = G#7) [Amaj7] Little man with his [B/A] eyes on fire [Cdim] And his smile so [C#m7] bright [B7] [Amaj7] In his hands are the [B/A] toys you gave [Cdim] That fill his heart with de[C#m7]light [B7] [Amaj7] In a ring stands a [B/A] circus clown [Cdim] Holding up a [C#m7] light [B7] [Amaj7] What you see and [B/A] what you hear [Cdim] Will last you the rest of your [C#m7] life [B7] [Amaj7[2]] It's sad, so sad [B7] [Cdim] There aint no easy way [C#m7] round [B7] [Amaj7[2]] It's sad, so sad [F#7] [Bmin7] All your friends gather [Amaj7] round 'Cause the [Dmaj7] circus left town [Amaj7] Little man with his heart so pure And his love so fine Stick with me and I'll ride with you Till the end of the line Hold my hand and I'll walk with you Through the darkest night When I smile I'll be thinking of you And everything will be alright The picking technique is 4 bar repeating cycle which for the most part concentrates on the middle 4 strings, except when playing F#7. Each vertical line represents one bar, each bar has 2 beats which are clearly marked by the thumb and middle finger. The index finger only appears on half beats. Key: t = thumb i = index finger m = middle finger e |----|----|----|----| B |--m-|--m-|--m-|--m-| G |----|-i--|---i|-i--| Use this configuration for all chords except. D |--t-|--t-|--t-|--t-| the F#7 chord. A |t---|t---|t---|t---| E |----|----|----|----| e |----|----|----|----| B |--m-|--m-|--m-|--m-| G |----|-i--|---i|-i--| Use the configuration for the F#7 chord. D |--t-|--t-|--t-|--t-| A |----|----|----|----| E |t---|t---|t---|t---| ************************************************************************** * Brian Davies Never his mind on where he was. * * Institute For The Learning Sciences Hmph. What he was doing. Hmph! * * 1890 Maple Avenue - Yoda * * Evanston, IL 60201 * **************************************************************************