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 Watch Out For Lucy de Eric Clapton

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WATCH OUT FOR LUCY by Eric Clapton [A] [C#7] [F#m] [D] [A] [E7] [A] [E7] Now [A] my friend Bill was just a [D] working lad And he [C#] liked to have his [D] fun. He'd like to [A] find a girl and get [E] comfortable When his [D] working day was [E7] done. He would [F#m] spend all his money on a [C#7] Friday night, [D] Wake up in the morning [A] broke, But he [F#m] had a run in with little [C#7] Lucy then; Be[D]lieve me that ain't no [E7] joke. [A] Watch [C#7] out for [F#m] Lucy, [D] [A] Though she [C#7] may look [F#m] frail. [D] Said, "Ex[A]cuse me, [C#7] Lucy, [F#m] Darling don't you [D] use me; [A] I don't want to [E7] land in [A] jail." [A] [C#7] [F#m] [D] [A] [E7] [A] [E7] She [A] started out working in a [D] cafe, Picking [C#] money up on the [D] side. She was [A] free and easy, [E] everybody's friend, But she [D] couldn't be satis[E7]fied. G now [F#m] in walks Bill with his [C#7] cash in his hand, His [D] heart upon his [A] sleeve. We [F#m] tried to warn him a[C#7]bout her ways, We [D] never did suc[E7]ceed. Chorus [A] [C#7] [F#m] [D] [A] [E7] [A] [E7] Well, the [A] trap was sprung for [D] poor old Bill; You should have [C#] heard little Lucy [D] sing "I want a [A] Cadillac car, a [E] beautiful home, And a [D] thousand dollar [E7] ring." They [F#m] found our hero in the [C#7] gutter With a [D] diamond ring and a [A] gun. He'd [F#m] done it for the love of [C#7] Lucy And [D] ended up on the [E7] run. Chorus Chorus Solo on Chorus Three Times ************************************************************************** * Brian Davies Never his mind on where he was. * * Institute For The Learning Sciences Hmph. What he was doing. Hmph! * * 1890 Maple Avenue - Yoda * * Evanston, IL 60201 * **************************************************************************