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 Why Does Love de Eric Clapton

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Why Does Love - Eric Clapton sur
WHY DOES LOVE GOT TO BE SO SAD by Eric Clapton and Bobby Whitlock [Am] [G] [Am] [G] [Am] [G] [Am] [G] [Am] [G] [Am] [G] [Am] [G] [Am] [G] [Am] Got to find me a [G] way [Am] To take me back to [G] yesterday. [F] How can I [C] ever hope to for[E]get you? [Am] Won't you show me a [G] place [Am] Where I can hide my [G] lonely face? [F] I know you're going to [C] break my heart if I [E] let you. [A] Why does love got to be [D] so sad? [A] Why does love got to be [D] so sad? [A] Why does love got to be [D] so sad? [A] Why does love got to be [D] so sad? [Am] Like a moth to a [G] flame, [Am] Like a song with[G]out a name, [F] I've never [C] been the same since I [E] met you. [Am] Like a bird on the [G] wing, [Am] I've got a brand new [G] song to sing, [F] I can't [C] keep from singing a[E]bout you. Chorus Solo on Verse Six Times [Am] I'm beginning to [G] see [Am] What a fool you've [G] made of me. [F] I might have to [C] break the law when I [E] find you. [Am] Stop running a[G]way; [Am] I've got a better [G] game to play, [F] You know I [C] can't go on living with[E]out you. Chorus Solo on Chorus Over And Over ************************************************************************** * Brian Davies Never his mind on where he was. * * Institute For The Learning Sciences Hmph. What he was doing. Hmph! * * 1890 Maple Avenue - Yoda * * Evanston, IL 60201 * **************************************************************************