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 Willie & The Hand Jive de Eric Clapton

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Willie & The Hand Jive - Eric Clapton sur
WILLIE AND THE HAND JIVEm Eric Clapton G I know a cat named Way Out Willie Got a cool little chick named Rockin' Millie C He can walk and stroll and Suzy-Q G C the crazy hand jive too Momma momma look at uncle Joe Doin' the hand jive with sister Flo Uncle gave sister a dime C the hand jive one more time CHORUS: C G D G Hand jive, hand jive, hand jive, do that crazy jive Doctor, a lawyer and an Indian chief They all dig that crazy beat Way Out Willie give 'em all a treat When he did that hand jive with his feet... CHORUS Willie and Millie got married last fall They had a little Willie Junior and that ain't all The kid's got crazy and it's plain to see He's doin' the hand jive on T.V. ... CHORUS NOTE: The important thing to this song is the Bo Diddley rhythm. I have no idea how to explain it- listen to the record! (from 461 Ocean Boulevard, 1974) (sent by Harlan at