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 She's Gone de Eric Clapton

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She's Gone - Eric Clapton sur
This is a great tune of EC's new album "Pilgrim" OK, my name is Jesse Anderson and I am 14 years old, I have been playing for less than 2 years, but, since no one else has been able to tab this song on as of now, I decided to take a shot at it, this is my first time tabbing, so please forgive any mistakes. If you have any questions/comments, please email me I only know the opening/chorus section, I would love to have some follow up on this to make it complete... E|----------------------------|---------------------------------------| B|----------------------------|---------------------------------------| G|----------------------------|---------------------------------------| D|------------14------12--14--|------------14------12-----------------| A|----------------14----------|----------------14---------------------| E|--0--XX--0------------------|--0--XX--0-----------------------------| (Repeat that as the main rythym for the opening and chorus, I know there is more, but as I said, I've been playing less than 2 years. On the open "E"'s, I think it sounds good if you touch it on the 12'th fret before you break into the A and D string, try to let it ring through that, it sounds pretty good) Here is when EC breaks into his opening solo, this I think I have tabbed better than the rythym, I figured this part out like 8 months ago...... E|---------------|---------------|------------------------------------| B|---------------|---------------|------------------------------------| G|---------------|---------------|-----------------------7--9~~~------| D|--7--5---------|---------------|--------------5--7su9---------------| A|--------7~~~---|---------------|--------5--7------------------------| E|---------------|---------------|--5--7------------------------------| \ / he does some weird slide up the neck with the E, A, and D string, listen, it's pretty simple on this line, all the su's are started 2 frets before the fret after..... (forgive from here out, this is from memory) E|----------10----------------|--------10--------12--------13~~~sd---| B|----su12------sd10----------|--su12------su14------su15------------| G|--------------------10su14--|--------------------------------------| D|----------------------------|--------------------------------------| A|----------------------------|--------------------------------------| E|----------------------------|--------------------------------------| E|--5~~---------------|--5h8--5h8--|--5h8p5--------------------------| B|-----8p5------------|--5h7--5h8--|---------8--5h7p5----------------| G|----------7p5-------|------------|-------------------7--5h6p5------| D|---------------7~~--|------------|----------------------------7----| A|--------------------|------------|---------------------------------| E|--------------------|------------|---------------------------------| E|---------------| B|---------------| G|-------5-------| D|--5h7----------| A|----------7~~--| E|---------------| sorry that's all I know. Clapton has some sort of a fuzz or heavy distortion on his guitar with the neck pick-up on and tone all the way down (he used a Fender Strat on this I think)that I think is kinda hard to duplicate, of course, alls I've got is a little Crate GX-15, so.... Let me know what you think please, and if there are any requests for songs off of pilgrim, let me know, I'm trying..... Also, a request, anyone have the tab for The Moody Blues' "Haunted"??? I would love to get my hands on that... thanks, Jesse(lonestar_squier)