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 Water On The Ground de Eric Clapton

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Water On The Ground - Eric Clapton sur
WATER ON THE GROUND Eric Clapton from the album "Crossroads 2: Live in the Seventies" transcribed by Steve Garner ( This song has only 2 main picking patterns. Listen to the album to hear when you should play each one. The first one is played throughout the majority of the song, and the second one comes in around the third line of each verse, or what you could call the "chorus". Play it once, then go back to repeating the first one. Pattern #1: |------------------------------------------------------| |--------4------------4------------4------------4------| |--------4------------4------------4------------4------| |-----4------------4------------4------------4---------| |------------------------------------------------------| |–-2---------2--0---------0--2---------2--0---------0--| Pattern #2: |--------0--------0--0---------------------------------| |-----0--0--------0--0-------------2-----------2-------| |-----1--1--1-----1--1-------------3-----------3-------| |-----2--2--------2--2----------4-----4-----4-----4----| |--------------2---------------------------------------| |–-0----------------------0--2-----------2-------------| ------------------------------------------------------ comments, corrections: