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 Two Glasses Joe de Ernest Tubb

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Two Glasses Joe - Ernest Tubb sur
Two Glasses, Joe Cindy Walker (as recorded by Ernest Tubb) G Set up two glasses, Joe A And turn the jukebox low D G And let me sit and reminisce G While I pretend that she A Is sitting here with me D G The way she did not long ago C We used to paint the town red G And dance until two A Well, I don't paint it red no more D But I'm painting it blue G He stole her love I know A But he can't stop me, Joe D G From having just a dream or two Instrumental break G Set up two glasses, Joe A Maybe you didn't know D G But there's a memory in the room G A memory that walks A A memory that talks D G And haunts me everywhere I go C I'm just a fool who loves here G And will till I die A From the very first hello D To the last hello G Well this is it you know A G fill the glasses Joe D G And leave me here alone to cry Tom Lindsey San Francisco, CA