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 I Need You de Eurythmics

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I Need You - Eurythmics sur
e: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 08:39:38 -0500 Jessica Bruce ------------------------------------------------------------ I Need You (Eurythmics) D Am C G I need you to pin me down just for one frozen moment. D Am C G I need someone to pin me down so I can live in torment. D Am C G I need you to really feel the twist of my back breaking D Am C G I need someone to listen to the ecstasy I'm faking. D Am C G I need D Am C G I need you to catch each breath that issues from my lips I need someone to crack my skull I need someone to kiss G hold me now and make pretend that I won't ever fall Oh Hold me down - I'm gonna be your baby doll, yeah, yeah D Am C G I need you you you I do I do I do I really need you ----------- On the album, this is played with one acoustic guitar. Eight down strokes to each verse with an upstroke between lines. Pretty Simple.