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 Hooch de Everything

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Hooch - Everything sur Guitariff.net
My Name: Dave Gerhards Group: Everything Song: Hooch e/everything/hooch.tab I figured this song out just recently and noticed that there was no sign of it in the archive so i'm contributing it to all of you that have had trouble trying to figure it out on your own. This is a very easy song to play but must be played very smoothly. To play it right, obey all of the 'hits' and don't forget about the 'rest' at the very beginning of the song. Note that the first part of the song is not on the radio version because they have cut it out. r = rest / = slide h = hit THE HOOCH e |---------------------| b |---------------------| g |--8--r--8--8/9-------| d |----------------h10--| | x2 | a |---------------------| E |---------------------| e |-----------h8---------------h8---------| b |-------h8------h6-------h8------h6-----| g |--8/9--------------8/9-----------------| d |---------------------------------------| a |---------------------------------------| E |---------------------------------------| repeat as song permits That's it. Have Fun! -dA bUSH bABEE