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 Cars de Fear Factory

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Cars - Fear Factory sur Guitariff.net
Song Title: Cars Artist: Fear Factory CD:Obsolete Track #11 Not Origial Artist of song Issued by: Julia R. Questions? Comments? Contact Beelzebubcherub@aol.com so I can answer your requests. This is my first tab---so no criticism please! Main riff: (ie. intro,chorus,verse,outtro) 4x end with playing 2x E:---------------|------------------| B:---------------|------------------| G:---------------|------------------| Played throughout most of song. D:---------------|------------------| A:-5-4-----------|-----3--------3---| E:-----3--5--5-5-|-2/3---3--2/3---3-| Here in my. . . . . . . in cars. The Solo Part---played only a few times though Main ditty 1st ending 2nd ending E:------------------------|----------------------|----------------------| B:------------------------|----------------------|----------------------| G:------------------------|----------------------|----------------------| D:---0------------0---3-2-|---0------------------|---0----------------0-| A:-----0--2/3-2-----0-----|------0-2/3-2---------|-----0-2/3-2----0-2---| E:-3------------3---------|-3-------------3--3-3-|-3------------3-------| Order of song: Intro with buzzing Main riff several times solo part main riff and so on same thing over and over again you like?