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 Dearling Darling de Feelings

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Dearling Darling - Feelings sur Guitariff.net
e: 17 Mar 98 12:03:51 PST Dearling Darling by The Feelings from the album Dearling Darling on Pop Secret Records tab by Dan Reynolds The D, D/F#, D9, Dsus4 part (riff 1): e--2---2---0-2-3 B--3---3---3-3-3 G--2---2---2-2-2 D--0---4---0-0-3 It goes like this: Riff 1 A Bm A My dearling darling (something) starling Riff 1 A Bm A C-catch me up In your hair all a-snarling Etc. then: D A Bm A D You don't get drunk anymore D A Bm A D You've forgotten what it's good for And so forth. The riff that is played at the end goes like this: e--10-10-7-7-----------------------------------------------10-10-7-7---------- B------------10-10-7-7---------7-7-10-10---------7-7-10-10-----------10-10-7-7 G----------------------7-7-9-9-----------7-7-9-9------------------------------ Over and over as the music fades.