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 Where Zero Meets Fifteen de Five Iron Frenzy

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Where Zero Meets Fifteen - Five Iron Frenzy sur
Where the Zero Meets the Fifteen Five Iron Frenzy Upbeats and Beatdowns Five Minute Walk Records Tabbed by R.D Griffeth and Karl Schoenherr (me)   Here's the tab.  HEHEHEHEHE   This is the beginning part:   E|---------------------------| B|---------------------------| G|---------------------------| D|-------------------7-------| A|---7---7---7---2---5---6---| E|---5---5---5---0-------4---|   This is the part where you mute the downstroke and play regular on the upstroke (aka ska style)    |---5---4---|    Note:  You can also play the beginning part palm  |---5---5---|           muted during the ska style part.  That is if you  |---6---4---|           are too much of a wimp to play ska.  :^)  |---7---6---|  |-----------|  |-----------|    |-----------------------------------|  |-----------------------------------|  |-------4-------4-------------------|  |---4---4---4---4-------------------|  |---4---2---4---2---7---2---7---2---|  |---2-------2-------5---0---5---0---|