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 Sylvia de Focus

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Sylvia - Focus >From the Album 'Focus 3' Jan Akkerman, Thijs Van Leer, Bert Ruiter, Pierre Van Der Linden Tab/chords interpretation by Julian Evans ( This tab is my interpretation of the music. I have watched Jan play this from four feet away and am convinced that the intro chords are correct. I have no intention of breaching copyright regulations. I offer this tab to people who, like me, have spent a lot of time trying to obtain the sheet music only to find it impossible. To me Jan Akkerman is THE guitar player. Jan, forgive me, I know not what I do! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro chords - it's important that they're played in these positions... The '$' represents the (dududu) chopping riff over strings muted with the palm of the strumming hand (you'll get it). F F C C G G Ab Ab Ab Ab Eb Eb Bb Bb Bb Bb |--13--13--$--12--12--10--10--$--11--11--8--8--$--11--11--6--6--6--6--| |--13--13--$--13--13--12--12--$--13--13--9--9--$--11--11--6--6--6--6--| |--14--14--$--12--12--12--12--$--13--13--8--8--$--12--12--7--7--7--7--| |--15--15--$--X---X---12--12--$--13--13--X--X--$--13--13--8--8--8--8--| |--15--15--$--X---X---10--10--$--11--11--X--X--$--13--13--8--8--8--8--| |--X---X---$--X---X---X---X---$--X---X---X--X--$--11--11--6--6--6--6--| Then slide this last chord up to the F position to repeat, and on into... ... the tune (Jan starts at C on the 1st string) |--8-6\5-5-5-6-5-----------------------------6-5---------8 |----------------8-6-6\5/6-6\5---5/6-----6-6-----8-6-8---- |------------------------------7-----7-5---------------5-- etc etc... |--------------------------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------- Work this out from the record, it's not hard to suss and you'll find your own way of fingering it anyway. A '\' means slur down A '/' means slur up Must be played on a black Les Paul.