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 Fool For The City de Foghat

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Fool for the City by Foghat From the album Fool for the City Tabbed by Frank C for ===================================== [Intro] E C A D E E|--------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------| G|---9--9-----5--5------2----7--7--7-----9----| D|---9--9-----5--5------2----7--7--7-----9----| A|---7--7-----3--3------0----5--5--5-----7----| E|---0--0--------------------------------0----| (Repeat above) [Verse] EEE EEE EEE EEE Goin' to the city Got you on my mind EEE EEE E/A E/A E/A E Country sure is pretty I leave it all behind D A G Bsus4 B This is my decision, I'm comin' home to stay this time 'cause [Chorus] E CCC A DDD E I'm a fool for the city Fool for the city E CCC A DDD E Fool for the city Fool for the city EEE EEE EEE EEE Breathin' all the clean air Sittin' in the sun EEE EEE EEE EEE When I get my train fare I get up and run D A G Bsus4 B I'm headed for the city Air pollution here I come (Chorus) [Bridge] B AAAA B I'm like a fish out of water I'm just a man in a hole B E The city lights turn my blues in to gold B AAAA B I ain't no country boy I'm just a homesick man B E I'm gonna hit the grit just as fast as I can (Play the following at the end of lines 1 & 3 of bridge above) E|-------------------8--------| B|----------------------------| G|---10---8-------------------| D|--------------10------------| A|----------------------------| E|----------------------------| (Instrumental-basically just bass and drums) (Solo-rhythym guitar runs through verse & chorus) [Bridge-2] B AAAA B I ain't no country boy I'm just a homesick man B E I'm gonna hit the grit just as fast as I can (2nd instrmental is also bass & drums) D A G Bsus4 B When I see my inner city child I'll be walking on a cloud (Repeat chorus and fade) (Additional chords) A/E Bsus4 B G E|----------------7--------7-------3------------| B|---10-----------7--------7-------3------------| G|----9-----------9--------8-------4------------| D|---11-----------9--------9-------5------------| A|-------------------------9-------5------------| E|-------------------------7-------3------------|