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 The One de Foo Fighters

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Foo Fighters The One tabbed by Christopher Ruf This work is property of the author and may not be altered without = permission=20 yadda yadda yadda. Thanks to Brian Mulholland and Matt_like_fings from the = messages=20 boards for the final solo. Chords- A - 577xxx G#- 476xxx G - 355xxx F#- 244xxx F - 133xxx E - 022xxx C - x355xx D1- x577xx D2- 5577xx Eb- 6688xx Bb- x133xx /=3Dslide, h=3Dhammer on, p=3Dpull off, b=3Dbend Strumming is not indicated as it is fast and would require lots of = tedious tabbing. RiffA G-5/7-5/8---- D------------ A-3/5-3/6---- RiffB G-9/12-5/7--- D------------ A-7/10-3/5--- RiffC e-------- B-10----- G-12b14-- Intro- G/A G/A G/A RiffA x4 On 4th use RiffB Verse1 |--Palm muted--| A G# G F# F E D2 D2 A G# G F# F E D2 Eb Chorus G/A C/D1 Bb/C F G Intro x2=20 RiffA 1st time=20 RiffB 2nd time Verse2 |--Palm Muted--| A G# G F# F E D2 Eb A G# G F# F E D2 D2 Eb Chorus x2 Bridge D2 Eb F G D2 F G Then G-7/9-7/9-7/9--7-5------------------ D-7/9-7/9-7/9--7-5---5/7-5/7-5/7--7- A-5/7-5/7-5/7--5-3---5/7-5/7-5/7--7- E-0-0-0-0-0-0----------------------- Chorus x3 2nd Guitar in end of 2nd time on the F Then plays Pick Slide then... e---------------------------------------------------- B------------15-13h15p13----------------------------- G-RiffC(x14)-------------14---RiffC(x14)-14/17-10/12- e-17-15----15------------------------------ B-------17----17-16-17-16-15-16-15--------- G----------------------------------17-14---