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 Mom & Dad de Frank Zappa

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"Mom & Dad" - Frank Zappa This is from the Frank Zappa Songbook and appeared on the Mothers album "Were Only In It For The Money". Em * Em7 Fmaj9 CsusD DsusE EsusF# DsusE Mama! Mama! Some - one said they made some noise CsusD Cmaj9b5 F Em * the cops have shot some girls and boys. C6/9 Am9 DsusE Fmaj9 C6/9 Am9 You'll sit home and drink all night they looked too weird it DsusE Em * served them right. (repeat the above) F6/9 Ever take a minute just to show a real emotion, in between the moisture cream and velvet facial lotion? Bbmaj9 Abmaj9 Bbmaj9 Abmaj9 Ever tell your kids you're glad that they can think? Bbmaj9 Abmaj9 Bbmaj9 Abmaj7 Ever say you loved them? Ever let them watch you drink? DsusE Ever wonder why your daughter looked so sad? It's Em * such a drag to love a plastic Mom and Dad. F6/9 CsusD DsusE EsusF# DsusE Mama! Mama! Your child was killed in the park to-day, CsusD F Em * Shot by the cops as she quietly lay. C6/9 Am9 DsusE Fmaj9 Em By the side of the creeps she knew. They killed her too. The chord shapes are Em7 Fmaj9 CsusD DsusE EsusF# Cmaj9b5 F -0----3-----0-----0-----2-------2----1----- -3----1-----3-----3-----0-------3----1----- -0----2-----0-----2-----1-------4----2----- -2----2-----2-----0-----2-------2----3----- -2----x-----3-----------2-------3---------- -0----1-----------------0------------------ C6/9 Am9 F6/9 Bbmaj9 Abmaj9 Abmaj7 ------0---3-----1------3------3------------ -3----1---3-----1------4------1------------ -2----4---2-----2------3------1------------ -2----2---3-----3------5------1------------ -3----0---------1------3------------------- ----------------1------4------------------- Also the opening riff which reappears through out the song (marked as Em *) is this: -------0--------------------------------- -0-2-3-2-3---2-3-2-0---2-0--------------- -0-2-4---4---2-----0-2-2-0--------------- -2-------------------4------------------- -2--------------------------------------- -0--------------------------------------- The ending tacet is: They killed her too. ---------------------------0------------- ------------------0--------0------------- -0----------------0---6-7--0------------- ------4------2-0--2--------2------------- ------------------2---4-5--2------------- ------------------0--------0------------- The last chord should be played as an arpeggio.