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 Uncle Remus de Frank Zappa

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t. See for more information. # #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# UNCLE REMUS by Frank Zappa Guitar tab&chords transcribed by The KID Only the basic chord structure. You will have to listen to the song to see where the changes are, etc... If you find any errors, or wrong chords, let me know! :-) Dm Dm\C G7\B G7\Bb G7 Am11 G7 Bb F C11 Dm7 G Bbm A+ F F+ Dm G A+ Dm G |--------------------------------1------|------1------------------3------------- |--------------------------------2------|------3------------------0------------- |--------------------------------2------|------2------------------0------------- |--------------------------------2------|------0------------------0------------- |---------0----1------3----------0------|------0------------------2------------- |----3----------------------------------|-------------------------3-------------